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Disney Trip 2009 – Day #1 December 28, 2009

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Before I start talking about “Day #1” I should probably explain a few things. 

#1: I have three children, ages 5, 3 and 1
#2: I set very high expectations for most things in my life.  When I decorate for the holidays, I want my home to look like a page from Martha Stewart’s magazine (see #1 above). When traveling with my family, I expect us to reach our destination in a timely fashion and with minimal whining, complaining and/or fighting (see #1 above).  On weekends, I truly expect to get all of the laundry, cleaning and errands done in two days (see #1 above).
#3: My mood tends to go along with the mood of my kids.  If they’re cranky, I’m cranky.  If they’re tired, I’m tired.  If they’re sassy, I’m sassy.  You get the picture.

So I decided to prepare wisely for our trip.  I made lists.  Lots of lists.  Laundry was done and bags were packed.  I bought groceries to take with us.  I even put together travel bags for the boys filled with car style activities and snacks.  We had enough movies to last the entire 7 hour drive and a cooler was packed with bottles and food for Ava.  I had every destination we were going to in Florida pre-programmed on our GPS.  When we pulled out of the driveway Saturday morning I was pretty much seeing hearts and unicorns in all directions.  Nothing could go wrong during this drive because I was prepared.

We almost made it to the Florida state line before things started to go downhill.  We were ahead of schedule (even after stopping 37 million times for the boys to pee) when traffic just stopped.  To make the most of the situation I had Jason move to the second row by Ava so he could feed her lunch.  The only thing he could convince her to eat was yogurt but she ate the entire bowl.  Then I suggested that he give her some Dimetapp PM since she still had a runny nose and cough.  A nice long nap in the car would help her as well.  Unfortunately, the yogurt and Dimetapp didn’t mix well and the next thing we knew, Ava was throwing up everything she had eaten during the last 3 weeks.  She was covered, the car seat was covered…it was not pretty.  We pulled over at the next available exit and managed to get her clothes off, diaper changed and car seat cleaned up as best as could.  We had to wrap her up in blankets since all of our luggage was 20 miles up the road with Mimi and Bumpa. 

Okay, so we finally get to the house that we’ve rented around 5ish and decide to hit Disney Village for some browsing and dinner.  After finding out that the Rain Forest Cafe had a 2 hour wait, we settled for some sandwiches and chips.  Jameson refused to eat and Ayden barely ate at all.  I figured they were just tired so we headed home to rest up.  On the way back to the house, Jameson threw up all over himself and his car seat.  I now had two car seats that had to be taken apart, washed and put back together for the next day.  I gave both Jameson and Ava a bath, got all three kids into their pj’s and settled them into bed.  Jameson ended up making multiple trips to the toilet  to empty his stomach some more (I was just relieved he was making it to the bathroom!) when Ayden started to cry.  Apparently he was having issues with the “other end” and had an accident.  I cleaned him up and had Jason gave him a bath.  Fresh undies and pj’s for Ayden only lasted about 30 minutes when he threw up all over himself and his bed.  Let’s just say that I went through every change of sheets and every towel that the house had.  By 2am, the kids were finally sleeping and I was on my third load of laundry.   All I could hope for was that I’d get enough rest to make it through Universal Studios the next day without collapsing. 

I’m sure you can understand why there are no photos of Day#1.  Stay tuned for the rest of our 2009 Disney Trip!


Fernbank November 27, 2009

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Last Sunday we took dad, MJ and the kids to Fernbank Museum.  There were a lot of great exhibits but the boys liked the dinosaurs and huge bubble maker the best.








Amicalola Falls State Park

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On Wednesday, Ayden and I took dad and MJ up to the North Georgia mountains for some hiking at Amicalola Falls State Park.  I had never been there before, but heard the waterfall was supposed to be spectacular.  After the 1 mile up-hill hike, we finally reached the waterfall.  It was absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to bring Jason, Jameson and Ava there next fall when the leaves are at their peak!

Even after walking down a total of 604 stairs to reach the bottom (my calves still hurt), I definitely think it was worth the 2 hour drive!