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Pierced Ears for Ava! May 20, 2010

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We took Ava this past Saturday to get her ears pierced.  We had debated back and forth on whether to do it now or wait until she’s older.  Getting them done now seemed to make more sense for one major reason…she’s not going to secretly take them out and try on different pair of earings behind closed doors.  She’ll leave them in for the total 6 weeks that she’s supposed to.  Here’s how it all happened…

Ava was oblivious to what was about to happen.  Instead she had fun playing on the “spinny” chair with her brother.

She was happy to simply sit on my lap with a sucker (bribery to hopefully keep her still).

Ava did great as they marked her ears.

Pow!  They did both ears at the same time and Ava finally realized that we weren’t there for just cuddles and suckers.

After the shock wore off, she started to wind down a bit.

Then she started glaring at the mean lady who just put holes in her ears.

I gave her lots and lots of kisses for being such a brave princess pea.

She was all calm again by the time we left with little pink rhinestone flower earings in her ears!


I’m sorry…how many? December 10, 2009

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I’m not talking about fingers and toes.  I’m talking about how many teeth are ripping themselves through sweet Ava’s gums right now.  FIVE!  All at once.  The boys always got two at a time and I thought that was rough.  Obviously I had no idea how painful this process is for babies until now…

I’ll take a picture of Ava’s new and improved smile once all the new teeth are in.  Right now she sort of resembles a hockey player who’s been in too many fights!


That’s what little sisters are for… December 4, 2009

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Ava gets into everything.  If it’s within her reach, she will touch it, taste it and/or eat it.  I love to watch her annoy interact with her brothers.  They get so frustrated when she tries to “play” with them because it normally involves her destroying whatever it is that they’re doing. 

eats their crayons
rips up their magazines/coloring books
pushes over their building blocks
chews on game pieces
slobbers on their Lincoln Logs

and takes apart their choo-choo trains.

Ava is starting to make her move…

….got it! 

Way to go baby girl!  You teach those boys who’s boss!!


Peanut Face with a Pumpkin Butt November 28, 2009

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Today is our sweet baby Ava’s birthday.  Wow…it’s amazing how quickly this last year just flew by!

Happy birthday baby girl!  Our family wouldn’t be complete without you!!


And so it continues… September 28, 2009

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Ava’s last day on antibiotics for her ear infection was yesterday.  You’d think she’d be doing better, right?  Wrong.

Friday I noticed she didn’t have much of an appetite.  She would drink her bottles but didn’t really want to eat anything.  Saturday morning (around 2am) she woke up and I noticed she felt a bit warm.  By the time 6am rolled around, it was a full on fever.  I did the Tylenol/Motrin thing and it seemed to work.  As soon as it wore off, the fever came back.  Two days of not eating, low grade fever and sleepless nights.  I have a sneaking suspicion that her ear infection still isn’t gone. 

I’m leaving work in about 30 minutes to take her to doctor.  I need for her to get healthy.  I need for her to sleep through the night.  It’s all really starting to take a toll on this mommy!


Super Bad Timing September 24, 2009

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I couldn’t be busier at work.  Today I needed to transmit payroll, finish preparations for tomorrow’s staff meeting and I had a 2pm departmental meeting.  Around 9ish, I got a call from the daycare that Ava had diarrhea and I had to pick her up.  About two hours later, I was finally able to wrap a few things up and get out of the office. 

Ava is doing just fine.  She ate a great lunch, took a three hour nap, and hasn’t had any more diarrhea.  Unfortunately, it’s a state rule that your child has to be diarrhea free for 24 hours before they can return to daycare.  I guess this means that Ava will be coming into work with me tomorrow.  Lucky me.

When I picked the boys up this afternoon, I found out that 6 of the 9 babies in the nursery will be out tomorrow due to diarrhea.  That’s a lot of babies.  And super bad timing. 

Some day all of my children will be healthy…all at the same time too.


Ava Update September 19, 2009

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Urinary Tract Infection – Yes
Ear Infection – Yes

She’s on another antibiotic to knock out the ear infection for good.  Dr. Goza said it wasn’t horrible but it was still there after finishing up the first round of antibiotics last week.  We’re waiting for the complete urine culture results to find out which antibiotic will work for her UTI.  Hopefully we’ll hear from the pediatric urologist soon so we can find out if she qualifies for some sort of procedure to correct her urinary reflux.