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Callaway Gardens Beach June 14, 2011

Filed under: random chatter — Jamie Payne @ 8:11 am

We thought it would be fun to take Eric and Riley to the Callaway Gardens beach on Sunday since we purchased a season pass this year.  It was a beautiful day and the beach wasn’t very crowded.  We managed to get a couple of chair/umbrella sets to rent for the day and we settled in for a few hours of fun.  Between swimming in the lake and making sand creations with all of the toys we brought along, the kids had a great time!  We were so busy that I forgot to take my camera out until Jason took the boys over to the inflatable island to play on.  Miss Ava Marie was looking too cute so I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

My beautiful sun princess…

That’s Jason and Ayden up at the top right before Jason threw him into the water.  It was pretty funny to watch:)

Eric and Riley playing in the water.

I think Riley was trying to keep her daddy in the water with her but Eric needed a break.

The great debate…to go on the inflatable island or not.  Riley won. 

It was another fantastic day spent with  the Arndt family!  We’re going to miss them when they head back to WI on Wednesday:(


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