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The Cure for Boredom June 1, 2011

Filed under: family — Jamie Payne @ 11:05 am

What do we do around our house when we (the parents) get bored?

We aim the leaf blower at them and watch what it does to their faces!!


3 Responses to “The Cure for Boredom”

  1. Mom Says:

    OK — this beats my cure for boredom. I thought that putting Scotch tape on the dog’s paws or giving them a taste of peanut butter was hilariously funny. This is soooo much better!

  2. Z & P's Mom Says:

    I love it! Inexpensive fun right at home, can’t beat that!

  3. Chere Mortensen Says:

    This is way to cute. You know parents can do almost anything to kids. If you keep laughing they will too.

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