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Raingutter Regatta – 2011 May 24, 2011

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After the Autism Speaks Walk this past Sunday, we headed over to Shamrock Park in Tyrone for the Pack 79 Raingutter Regatta.  It was unbelievably hot but the kids had a blast as us parents watched them race their boats. 

Go Ayden!

Go Ayden!!

And he wins!!

Ayden and his trusty sailboat did pretty well together.

All while Ava played at the playground….

…and Jameson tried to squirt water out of his mouth.

Thanks for another fun event Pack 79!!!  We’ll see you again in the fall…this time as Wolf Cubs:)


The Graduate May 23, 2011

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This boy graduated from Pre-K on Saturday.

When did he decide to grow up on me? 

Ms Brooke and Ms Kellie are amazing teachers and got Jameson through a very challenging year.  I will forever be grateful to them for the patience and love they gave to him. 

Ayden and Ava were very supportive of their brother on his big day.

Jason and I are so very proud of Jameson and his wonderful transformation into a big boy this school year.

Congratulations Jameson on your special day!  You’re an amazing little boy with such a special personality.  We love you to the moon and back!!!


Weight Watchers – Week #1 May 8, 2011

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I finally took the plunge and started Weight Watchers last week Tuesday.  I’m very lucky to have both my mom and Peter going through this journey with me along with several close friends.  Originally, I thought keeping track of how many “points” I eat every day was going to be a royal pain in the rear but I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy this is.  I’m fully committed to eating healthier and getting back to my pre-AydenJamesonAva weight. 

While I’m not courageous enough to admit my starting weight, I will say that my goal is to lose 32 lbs.  After only one week on WW, I’ve already lost 6 pounds!!  I think it helps that during the past 6 weeks I’ve been working out at least 4 days per week.  While I didn’t see any weight drop from the scale, I could tell I was starting to tone my body by the way my clothes were fitting.  Making a change in my diet was the second step in Operation – Lose the Baby Weight. 

Along with eating healthier, I’m obviously making a lot of new WW friendly recipes.  If you’re interested in cooking healthier for you and your family, check out the Weight Watchers recipe section on the right.  As we try new things at home, I’ll post the recipes there.  For starters check out the following:

Italian Sausage and Pepper Pasta
White Bean and Turkey Chipotle Chili 

Keep reading as I “weigh in” every Saturday!


What’s for dinner??? May 2, 2011

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Despite the fact that Jason and I both have demanding work schedules and three kids with hectic schedules of their own, I have consistently tried to make sure that we all sit down to a home cooked family meal at least five nights a week.  This has started to get harder and harder as I attempt to come up with things to make that not only will everyone enjoy but are quick enough for the nights we have karate and other activities going on.  Every weekend I find myself coming up with next week’s menu, doing the grocery shopping and then promising that I will stick to the plan.  And it’s a struggle…every…single…week. 

Recently I read about e-mealz which was created by two busy moms who wanted to help other moms spend more time with their families while still preparing healthy meals and without blowing their budget.  For $5 a month you download weekly meal plans catered to your lifestyle…glueten free, portion control, low carb, low fat, vegetarian, couples only.  You can also select which grocery store you use the most (Wal-Mart for us) and they create your menus around what’s on sale that week with isle specific grocery lists.  So for us, I chose the “Wal-Mart regular family meal plan” which is 7 meals for 4-6 people. E-mealz makes it  “doable” for those hectic nights we have karate or errands to run.  I no longer feel like McDonald’s or Wendy’s is our only choice for dinner because in 30 minutes or less I can get a hot meal on the table for all of us to enjoy!  Their blog also has great articles and additional recipes to try out.

Here is just an example of what our last meal plan contained.

Meal #1:   Blackened Salmon on Field Greens w/Raspberry Vinaigrette served with White Potatoes
Meal #2:   Cashew Chicken Salad served with Crescent Rolls and Sliced Cantaloupe
Meal #3:   Mushroom Burgers served with Potato Wedges and Corn on the Grill
Meal #4:   Swiss Chicken served with Steamed Rice and Sweet Peas
Meal #5:   Shrimp Creole over Rice served with Green Beans
Meal #6:   Mexican Meat Loaf served with Saffron Rice and Cucumber Salad
Meal #7:   Crusty Baked Italian Sandwiches served with Celery & Dip and Chips


***When there’s something in particular that I know my kids are going to refuse to eat, I substitute one of our family favorites.

If you decided to give e-mealz a try, let me know!  I’d love to know how you like it and which recipes you enjoy the most!!